BitSong Blockchain Documentation

What is BitSong?

BitSong is a multifunctional blockchain-based ecosystem built to empower the music industry. It unites artists, fans, distributors in an environment where music, merchandise, and fan loyalty are assets of value. BitSong’s decentralized ecosystem of services provides the global music community with a trustless marketplace for music streaming, Fan Tokens, and NFTs, powered by the BTSG token.

Brief History of BitSong

BitSong was conceived in 2018 by developer and entrepreneur Angelo Recca. Angelo realized that while the digitalization of music has brought many benefits to the industry, it’s also created a new set of problems around the ownership of music and attribution of royalties. He joined forces with Iulian Anghelin and BitSong was born.

The initial intention was for BitSong to become an Ethereum-based application where fans could stream music and artists could receive royalties directly. However, after discovering Cosmos and its ambition to become the “Internet of Blockchains,” Angelo and Iulian immediately recognized the full potential of becoming part of a multi-chain environment.

After launching the main BitSong blockchain in August 2020, the bitsong-2b mainnet went live on October 21, 2021. Featuring Fan Tokens, NFTs, and music streaming platform, all underpinned by secure, robust, battle-tested blockchain technology, the launch of BitSong marks a turning point in the ongoing development of the music industry.

What is BTSG?

BTSG is the ultimate currency for music, powering all the features of the BitSong ecosystems.

Artists, music industry participants, and fans can use BTSG to:

Buy, sell, and trade Fan Tokens

Buy, sell and trade NFTs

Swap BTSG for other cryptocurrencies on centralized and decentralized exchanges

Stake BTSG to a Validator to help secure the network and earn more BTSG as rewards

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