What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are already whipping up a storm across the entire entertainment industry. NFTs are tokens linked to provably scarce or unique digital assets such as an image file, a video clip, or a piece of music.

So how are NFTs transforming the music industry? The creative opportunities are almost endless, but here are a few ways.

Create unique digital artwork to accompany your music or gigs

Issue autographs and signed photographs as NFTs

Drop a song or album as an exclusive, limited-edition release only available in NFT format

Print gig tickets as NFTs, and require entrants to send their tokens to a burn address to redeem them on the day

Explore innovative, cross-marketing efforts in a digital metaverse

BitSong allows any artist to create their own NFTs backed by music, art, video clips, or any kind of digital media you choose. In the BitSong ecosystem, NFTs can be traded for BTSG or for the artist Fan Token.

What’s more, because BitSong runs on its own, energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchain, our green credentials are sound.

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