Pruning of State

There are four strategies for pruning state. These strategies apply only to state and do not apply to block storage. To set pruning, adjust the pruning parameter in the ~/.bitsongd/config/app.toml file. The following pruning state settings are available:

  1. everything: Prune all saved states other than the current state.

  2. nothing: Save all states and delete nothing.

  3. default: Save the last 100 states and the state of every 10,000th block.

  4. custom: Specify pruning settings with the pruning-keep-recent, pruning-keep-every, and pruning-interval parameters.

By default, every node is in default mode which is the recommended setting for most environments. If you would like to change your nodes pruning strategy then you must do so when the node is initialized. Passing a flag when starting bitsongd will always override settings in the app.toml file, if you would like to change your node to the everything mode then you can pass the ---pruning everything flag when you call bitsongd start.

Note: When you are pruning state you will not be able to query the heights that are not in your store.

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