Buy and Sell

How to buy and sell BTSG

Swap BTSG on Osmosis

These instructions are for native-BTSG tokens.

To swap BTSG on Osmosis you’ll need to have installed the Keplr wallet.

Go to the Assets area of the Osmosis app and connect your Keplr wallet. You can then deposit your BTSG or other IBC-enabled tokens to Osmosis using the “Deposit” option next to the relevant token.

Please note that Osmosis fees are payable in OSMO tokens. Therefore, regardless of which tokens you are swapping BTSG from or to, you will also need a sufficient OSMO balance in your wallet to cover the fees. If it’s your first swap using Osmosis, then you should first acquire a small amount of OSMO tokens before swapping to or from BTSG.

Once you have an initial deposit of IBC-enabled tokens, you can make a swap using the Trade feature on Osmosis. You can then select the token you wish to swap from or to, and the amounts. When you click “Swap,”, you’ll go to a preview window. Review the details of your swap to make sure they’re correct, and then approve your transaction.

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