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A Blockchain Ecosystem to Empower the Music Industry

Artists, fans, distributors and labels in one single great, efficient and transparent channel. BitSong is the innovation that music need.

Part of the Cosmos Blockchain Ecosystem, BitSong’s decentralized network is based on a robust system of governance and a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus.

BitSong World, you are the main character

The music industry has never been so dynamic, clear and transparent. Automated rules run the ecosystem.

BitSong ecosystem


BTSG is the ultimate currency for music, powering the economy of the BitSong ecosystem. Buy, sell, trade Fantokens, and NFTs on the BitSong marketplace with BTSG. Swap BTSG for other cryptocurrencies. Stake BTSG to secure the BitSong network and earn rewards.


FanTokens let you connect with music on a whole new level. For the first time the relationship between Artists and Fans become a financiale asset. Artists can create their own Token and connect with their fans as it has never been before! Fans can explore VIP experiences, crowdfund up-and-coming talent, seek funding for their next favoriteband tour, buy unique digital album art or discover exclusive releases.


Artists can create their own NFT, Non-Fungible-Token: it is an asset, or a monetizable property that cannot be replicated in any way, but can still be bought for a specific amount of currency like any other asset. It is unique and works exactly like a collector's item and a certificate of ownership at the same time, ergo it can be bought, stored, exchanged and sold but each NFT accumulates value independently.

BitSong Player

BitSong’s Player will operate with a full set of metadata from the start, meaning Aritists always receive 100% of the royalties they’re owed. Every single play. Every single time. In real time.

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