Community Pool

What is the BTSG Community Pool?

The BitSong Community Pool is a self-managing fund that exists to support the ongoing development of the BitSong ecosystem and community.

2% of all BTSG created by BitSong network validators is directed into the Community Pool, meaning that the Pool receives new BTSG every five seconds.

Any BTSG holder can make a proposal, and every BTSG holder can vote on it.

What Kind of Proposals Are Possible?

Any proposal is possible, so get creative! Here are a few ideas to get started:

Let’s launch a contest for artists with BTSG prize money

Let’s sponsor a music festival

Let’s add a new feature to BitSong

Let’s support a charitable collaboration between artists on BitSong Let’s re-invest some of the fund to generate passive returns

How to Submit a Community Pool Proposal

Community Pool proposals follow the standard governance process. Please see the section on “Participating in BitSong governance” for information.

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