How to Add $BTSG Liquidity to Osmosis Pools

This is a quick guide for adding $BTSG liquidity to Osmosis Pools.

1. Go to

2. Click on "Connect Wallet" to connect your Keplr wallet to Osmosis.

3. Enter your Keplr password and click to "Unlock"

4. Click on "Assets" in the left navigation menu and find $BTSG on the list. Now click on "Deposit" to transfer your $BTSG from your BitSong Wallet to Osmosis.

5. Select the amount of $BTSG you want to deposit on Osmosis and click to "Approve" the transaction from Keplr. Now you can see your $BTSG balance on the "Assets" page.

6. Now it's time to select the pool to which you want to add liquidity. You can find three different BTSG pools: Pool #574 $ATOM/$BTSG - Pool #573 $BTSG/$OSMO and Pool #592 $UST/$BTSG.

In this guide, we will add liquidity to Pool #573 $BTSG/$OSMO but the principles are the same for all Osmosis BTSG pools.

7. Click on "Add / Remove Liquidity"

8. Now you have to pair the amount of tokens you want to add. In this case, we have chosen to add $OSMO and $BTSG. Choose the amount and "Approve" from Keplr.

Now you have added liquidity to the pool!

9. If you want to bond your Liquidity Provider tokens (LP tokens) to earn rewards, click the "Start Earning" button.

10. Choose the Unbonding period, click on "Max" to bond all of your LP tokens, and then click "Bond." You'll be prompted to confirm the transaction on Keplr.

That's it! You're now earning rewards for bonding your LP tokens.

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