How to Create a BitSong wallet

This is a guide on how to create a new BitSong wallet for users who don't have one yet.
We are using as example Keplr but in the "Wallets" section you have other valid options as well.
  1. 1.
    Make sure you have installed the Keplr browser extension. If you don't already have it, then you can download the extension and install it from here.
2. Once you have your Keplr extension installed, open it. In the new window that opens, select "Create a new wallet."
3. This is probably the most important step! Select the type of Mnemonic Key you want for your wallet (12 or 24 words). Then make sure you save it and keep it safe since it is the only way to import or recover your wallet in case of need.
So name your wallet, set a password, and proceed.
4. You have now your brand-new Cosmos Wallet ready to use!
5. Now let's get your new BitSong Wallet address. Go to and among the options in the first window, select "Keplr Browser Extension," per the image below.
6. Wallet.bitsong will then execute Keplr and will ask you to add and connect the bitsong-2b chain. You must approve both actions by signing them with Keplr.
7. Congratulations, you just created your new BitSong Wallet! You can see the new wallet address on lower left.
8. Open the Keplr extension and from the list of available chains, scroll down until you find "BitSong Mainnet" and select it.
9. Make sure that the BitSong wallet address shown in Keplr is the same as the one shown in
Your are now all set! Your BitSong wallet is ready to interact with the BitSong Blockchain.
Governance operations must be performed within the interface and signed with Keplr.