How to Participate in the Fan Token Airdrop

This is a guide on how to participate in the Fan Token Airdrop. Sinfonia is set to become the premier destination for Fan Tokens. 25% of all Fan Tokens minted on Sinfonia will be airdropped.
In order to be eligible for Fan Token Airdrops, you must comply with at least one of the following requirements.

Stake BTSG

Stake at least 400 BTSG to any Validator on BitSong Mainnet. To stake your BTSG, take a look at our guide.

Stake OSMO

Stake OSMO to at least one of the following Validators:

Stake JUNO

Stake JUNO to at least one of the following Validators:

Provide Liquidity on Osmosis

Provide Liquidity on at least in one of the following Pools: Pool #573 BTSG/OSMO Pool #574 BTSG/ATOM Pool #592 BTSG/UST To provide Liquidity in BTSG Pools, read our guide.

Provide Liquidity on Juno Swap

Provide Liquidity in in the following Pool: Pool #JUNO-BTSG To Provide Liquidity on Juno Swap, go to - Click on the left menu: Liquidity; - Click on the Pool #JUNO-BTSG; - Click on Add Liquidity.
The exact percentages will be announced in the next few days. Please note that BTSG stakers will get the highest percentage of airdropped fan tokens from all of the above requirements.