Sinfonia User's Guide

BitSong is thrilled to formally announce the launch of our Fan Token Platform “Sinfonia”, along with an exquisite new web page and a sneak peek of the features and user interface!

In this guide you will find Sifonia’s main features and how to use them:

Go to the website and log in with your wallet, if you don't have a wallet, see our guide.

On the Dex page you will see the fan tokens present on Sinfonia, the price and the market cap.

To have an overview of your assets, make transactions and start using Sinfonia, go to the Assets Page.

To start using Sinfonia you will need to transfer your tokens from the BitSong chain to the Osmosis chain. To do so, open the menu as shown in the image.

Now click on the two arrows as shown in the image.

Now you can transfer your assets from the BitSong Chain to the Osmosis Chain.

Insert the amount you want to import and click on Transfer. The amount you have transferred is now available on Sinfonia.

On the Pools Page you can view the Pools enabled on Sinfonia.

Click on the Pool you prefer to view the details.

On the Sinfonia Pools, like on the Osmosis Pools, you can Provide Liquidity and earn Rewards.

On this page you can see:

  • The Pool composition;

  • The Liquidity on the the Pool;

  • The Bonded tokens;

  • APRs and unbonding time;

  • Add/Remove Liquidity to the Pool.

On the Swap Page you can swap your token. The process is simple: just enter the amount you want to exchange and click on Swap.

To provide Liquidity on the Pool click on Add/Remove Liquidity

Select the amount of tokens you want to Provide to the Pool. Remember to match the entire amount of the liquidity you want to add.

Now click on Add Liquidity and confirm the transaction on Keplr. To start Earning Liquidity, now you have to Bond your LP tokens. On the voice “Available LP Tokens” now you can view the amount of tokens that you’ve decided to Add in the Pool

Click on Start Earning

Choose now the Unbonding Period. The more you keep the LP tokens in the pool, the higher the APRs will be.

Click on “Max” to Bond all your LP tokens and then Bond Tokens

You have correctly bonded your Assets and you are earning daily rewards. To view the amount of the Liquidity you have provided in the Pool, click on the Pool and consult the index “My Liquidity”

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