Join the Testnet
Make sure to have the `go-bitsong testnet version`.

Install `go-bitsong-testnet`


  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Golang v1.17
  • Git

From Source

Open a new terminal and clone the go-bitsong repository
git clone
Change to the repository directory
cd go-bitsong
Checkout the testnet release
git checkout testnet
Install go-bitsong
make install

Initialize the chain

bitsongd init <moniker> --chain-id=bigbang-test-3

Genesis & Seeds

Copy the Genesis File

Fetch the testnet's genesis.json file into bitsongd's config directory.
wget -O ~/.bitsongd/config/genesis.json

Set persistent peers

Your node needs to know how to find peers. You'll need to add healthy seed nodes to $HOME/.bitsongd/config/config.toml
export PEERS="[email protected]:26656"
sed -i.bak -e "s/^persistent_peers *=.*/persistent_peers = \"$PEERS\"/" ~/.bitsongd/config/config.toml

Background Process

To run the node in a background process with automatic restarts, you can use a service manager like systemd. To set this up run the following:
sudo tee /etc/systemd/system/bitsongd.service > /dev/null <<EOF
Description=BitSong Network Daemon
ExecStart=$(which bitsongd) start
Then setup the daemon
sudo -S systemctl daemon-reload
sudo -S systemctl enable bitsongd
We can then start the process and confirm that it is running
sudo -S systemctl start bitsongd
sudo service bitsongd status

Create wallet

bitsongd keys add <key-name> --keyring-backend test
Make a keyring password if prompted. Save your mnemonic somewhere secure! Note your wallet address, you'll use it for future commands.

Get tokens from faucet


Query fantoken params

bitsongd query fantoken params --node

Issue a new fantoken

bitsongd tx fantoken issue \
--name "Angelo's Fantoken" \
--symbol "angelo" \
--max-supply "1000000000" \
--issue-fee 1000000ubtsg \
--description "The most popular fantoken" \
--chain-id bigbang-test-3 \
--from <key-name> \
-b block \
--keyring-backend test \

Query fantoken by owner

bitsongd query fantoken owner bitsong1dw9fdvrc46ed98rndpulem466t0zf0m2gt6zyk --node

Query fantoken by denom

bitsongd query fantoken denom ft0011B9AE260F69D60438095F95F50AF9976015A9 --node

Mint a fantoken

bitsongd tx fantoken mint ft0011B9AE260F69D60438095F95F50AF9976015A9 \
--recipient <rcpt-address> \
--amount 1000 \
--chain-id bigbang-test-3 \
--from <key-name> \
-b block \
--keyring-backend test \

Burn a fantoken

bitsongd tx fantoken burn ft0011B9AE260F69D60438095F95F50AF9976015A9 \
--amount 1 \
--chain-id bigbang-test-3 \
--from <key-name> \
-b block \
--keyring-backend test \

Edit a fantoken

ATTENTION: If you edit your fantoken to --mintable false it will no longer be possible to make it mintable
bitsongd tx fantoken edit ft0011B9AE260F69D60438095F95F50AF9976015A9 \
--mintable true \
--chain-id bigbang-test-3 \
--from <key-name> \
-b block \
--keyring-backend test \

Transfer the fantoken creator ownership

bitsongd tx fantoken transfer ft0011B9AE260F69D60438095F95F50AF9976015A9 \
--recipient <rcpt-address> \
--chain-id bigbang-test-3 \
--from <key-name> \
-b block \
--keyring-backend test \